What is the course like?

The 5K begins in downtown Moss Point by running North over the Escatawapa River Bridge, and turns around at the foot of the bridge before running back over the bridge towards downtown. Those participating in only the RCBR will end their race at this point.

For those continuing with the SRT, the kayak portion begins at the boat ramp in downtown, circles the small adjacent islands, and finishes back at the boat launch.

The bike immediately follows, and the course heads West on Bellview, turns around in Dantzler cemetary, and heads East towards downtown on Dantzler. You will make 2 laps around this loop.

Where do I go the morning of the race?

All race operations are centrally located in downtown Moss Point. There, you may sign up for late registration, pick up your T-shirt, and drop off your bicycle and kayak. There will be signs clearly marking all of these locations when you arrive downtown.

Where do I park?

Park around the purple shaded area. Drop off bikes and kayaks at the Jackson County Ski Area.

There is plenty of parking around downtown. The preferred place to park is anywhere west of Main St (Hwy 613), but particularly the parking lot on the corner of Main St. and Castenera. There is additional parking along Post Office St.

What if I’m dropping off a bicycle or kayak?

If you are participating in the Singing River Triathlon, you will first drop off your bicycle or kayak to the staging area before permanently parking your vehicle. The loading zone for the triathlon is on the east side of Main St, by the Recc Center (big brown building) on (the former) Denny St.

When do they close the bridge?

The bridge will close at approx 7:45 am. Once this occurs, all traffic will be routed down Dutch Bayou Rd to Hwy 63, then led south to Grierson St. where you will head west towards downtown. Be downtown by 7:30 am to avoid the extra commute-time due to the detour.

What are the race award categories?

River City Bridge Run:
There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards given for the following age brackets:
12 and under

Singing River Triathlon:
There will be 1st and 2nd place awards for individual males and females in the following age brackets:
Youth – 18 and under
Adult – 18-50
Senior – 50+
There will also be 1st and 2nd place awards for teams of 2 or 3.

There will be 1st and 2nd place awards for the following classes:
Long (14′+)
Short (<14′)
Tandem (kayak or canoe)

Can two people on a triathlon team paddle together?

Yes.  The paddling section of the triathlon may be done by one person in a single kayak or two people in a tandem kayak or canoe.

Do I have to wear a lifejacket?

Yes, everyone participating in the Kayak portion of the triathlon must wear a life jacket.

Is there a separate walk, or short “fun run”?

No, all River City Bridge Run and Singing River Triathlon participants will start running/walking together, at the same time and place. We ask that all participants who are walking to stand towards the back of the starting line as a courtesy to those running the event.

What if I don’t have a kayak or canoe?

Kayaks are available for rent through the following organizations:
South Coast Paddling Company - 228-872-2030

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  1. rik says:

    I can’t wait to do this. This sounds like a lot of fun!!

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